Does an Alert always mean the Internet is down?

Likely, not necessarily. The most likely reason is the connection between the locations Modem and the Internet Service Provider has been lost. Other reasons could be: a power outage at the location, the ISP as assigned a new IP Address to the location, XXXX.

I can connect to the location’s WiFi but I received an Alert and the locations status shows offline. What’s wrong?

This likely means the Internet Service Provider (ISP) modem has been lost connection. Try unplugging your ISP modem for 30 secs and restarting it. If that doesn’t fix the problem, call your ISP.

I received an Alert Notification and the locations status shows offline, but the Internet and Wifi seem to be working fine. Why?

This likely means your ISP has changed the IP Address for the location. You will need to update the locations settings. See Setting Location IP Address. If your ISP changes your IP Address frequently, it may require asking your ISP for a “Static IP Address” in order for CloudSignals to work effectively.

When do I get charged if I add locations before my next billing cycle?

Everytime the power goes out and comes back my ISP assigns a new IP address. How do I fix this?

UPS for router and ISP modem. Static IP address.

What is an IP Address?

How do I determine what the IP address for one of my locations?

What is the difference between a Static IP Address and a Dynamic IP Address?

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